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Marshall Master Gardener Association

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Photo: Marshall County Extension Vegetable Garden by Nikki Rhein

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Marshall Master Gardeners by Norm Davis
The Master Gardeners paid me a personal visit
They came out to prune my fruit trees
Pruning is something I am not good at
But for them it was just a breeze
They showed me how one limb was rubbing on another
So they said one of the limbs had to go
Take out the one that’s turned in or turned up
This is easy for people in the know
When you cut off a limb, cut it close to the base
The rings have a hormone that will seal
And protect the tree from bugs and disease
And it helps the exposed area to heal
Some limbs were just too close together
They cut some to let the sunshine in
They cut the growth coming up from the base
And said in the summer I would need to cut it again
Carl and Sue along with Rick and Eugenia
Pruned trees and cleaned up the mess
While Doug and Dennis worked on the grapes
Each cut was made precisely without quess
They pruned blackberries, blueberries and pecans
As they worked they were wearing a smile
We laughed and joked and had fun
As we put all the limbs in a pile
So if you need your fruit trees pruned
Give these Master Gardeners a call
You will enjoy having them around
I am looking forward to next fall

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